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Welcome to the X-treme Racing League. This league was setup in order to help organize online races for Ski-Doo X-team Racing , by Resolution Interactive (DayDream Software). Since Resolution Interactive revived the game we can once again play online. I will continue to keep this site open since it is the only fan site still alive (for both the 2001 /2005 versions)

If you have any suggestions, questions, email me (CorB, now CoR online) or leave a post in the forum(s)...

..TRACKS still available!!

Hill Climb.zip

Geocities is Closing

Posted Oct.7, 2009 by CoR

I will be moving this site to www.xrl.bellcamp.ca

New Sled Skins by Devin - Freestyle Video Competition?

Posted Apr.06, 2009 by CoR

cat pol pol6

See a few more over in the "Files" section.
If anyone is interested in a freestyle video competition, email me

Absolutely NOTHING new to report

Posted Nov.24, 2006 by CoR

First Tournament Race Scheduled - Feb 18 (4:00PM EST) (and last?)

Posted Feb.7, 2006 by CoR

Messmic trying to get a leaque started, for additional info see the Forums @ SnowMobileWorld.com

Here is what we know , so far..

I just thought about a first try to come and race a bit online together. Because of the timeshift between Europe and US/Canada I'll set up a Hostserver on 18 February 10pm (+1h GWT Paris,Berlin ect.). In US/Canada it should be 6h earlier (EST) (depents a bit of cause, you have to calculate it by your self). So it is a kind of compromice to both continents. I suggest to race every tracke once and count the points of every race to find a winner at the end.

1. place 10 points
2. place 7 points
3. place 6 points
4. place 4 points ect.
Rules and points given are well explaint on Cor's website (http://www.geocities.com/xtremeracingleague/rules.html)

This is a first try to set up a race and when all things went well, we can do it regulary. I know, a dedicated server would be better, but as long Resolution Interactive doesn't provide one, we have to deal with it . If you are interested in participating that race, please send me a short mail to michamesserschmidt@web.de to be aware, how many people I can expect (of cause every session is limited to 8 racers). Please send also your username and your location. If you have any questions, send me a mail .


IT'S BACK - Ski-Doo X-Team Racing (2005) DEMO(S)! + Full Game

Posted Oct.17, 2005 by CoR

I am glad to see the guys over at Resolution Interactive (and Bombardier) have revived Ski-doo® X-Team Racing™

Buy it online $20 USD, download it (only 85 megs) @ x-teamracing.net

And be sure to check out www.snowmobileworld.com and there SKI-DOO X-TEAM RACING ON SNOWMOBILEWORLD.COM area for more info and upcoming events...

XTR Features

  • No need to wait for winter or snow to experience the cutting-edge 2006 Ski-Doo® MX Z™ and Freestyle™ sleds.
  • 18 adrenaline-surging tracks, from long winding cross-country-style courses with massive drops to short indoor arena snocross tracks.
  • 3 championship levels - Novice, Intermediate and Expert - ensuring many hours of challenging fun.
  • Cutting-edge physics with variable snow depths and surface types.
  • Superior multi-player option. Challenge friends all over the world in fast-action snocross racing, or see who's Top Dog when it comes to aerial stunts.
  • Fine-tune your sled for track, conditions or riding style - set clutching/transmission, sway bar, track lug height and more.
  • World Ranking. Join X-Teamracing.net [it's FREE] and your best lap times, race times and stunt scores for each track are compared to drivers around the world. Practice hard enough and maybe you'll climb the world rankings!
  • Freeride feature lets you explore a boundary-less backcountry in a recreational setting, with no competition. Great for taking in the scenery or perfecting your tricks.

Some Interesting News - Ski-Doo X-Team Racing (2005)!

Posted Sept.27, 2005 by CorB

Ski-Doo X-Team Racing (2005)

First post of the new year!

Posted Feb.5, 2005 by CorB

I have a new email address -

I have posted the mutli-national XP patch (ver. 1.1) over on the XRL back-up site

Ski-Doo_X-Team_Racing_Patch_V1.1.txt (17 meg file)

NOTE: you have to rename the files ".txt" extension to ".exe". The site will not allow me to upload zip or exe

www.fileplanet.com also have the patch available. Get it HERE

Hill Climb track is back online

Posted Aug.3, 2004 by CorB

All 4 tracks are now available for download. Direct links listed below:

Hill Climb.zip

Tracks moved + old news archived (see bottom of page)

Posted Feb.8, 2004 by CorB

Unfortunately the search for enough players (and $) to make the online server software has not gone well. So for now we will have to remain and offline only game...


File added!

Posted Jan.4, 2004 by CorB

I found my copy of Ramsey-xtr hack utility. This program works with the orginal sledhack DOS based program to change sled skins (may not be WInXP compatible!)

But I still can't find my multi-language version of the 1.1 xtr patch (17 meg), which some was looking for..

2 updates in 1 week, WOW!

Posted Oct.31, 2003 by CorB

NO-CD patch for US/Can Ver1.1 is now available (thanks feuerpfeil)

Gamecopyworld.com has a new XTR v1.1 [FRENCH] No-CD/Fixed EXE file available.

Jeff97x has started a "save xtr" petition over at http://www.PetitionOnline.com/daytek/petition.html , so be sure to stop by and sign it

New Online Server, maybe!

Posted Oct.26, 2003 by CorB

Good news for those you still want to race XTR online. Following is a message from messmic:

I have important news for everyone, how is interested in new ski-doo online gaming. I had spoke with the (feuerpfeil), a member of the clusterball community (http://www.clusterball.net) (clusterball is also a game of daydream). He had create a alternative server for playing this game in a special league. And he said, it should be possible with ski-doo as well (specially he had now much experience with that). Also the programming code is very close to this from clusterball.

1. I need ski-doo racers, who wants to play this game online, otherwise it make no sense to create are own server.
2. Send me a mail with your Name, Ski-Doo Nickname and E-Mail address, so we can decide, if it make sense to work on this.
3. Talk to other racers (old cracks or new interests) and ask them, if they are really interested in this game.
4. After collecting the list, I will contact feuerpfeil again, to discuss the next steps.

please, when you send me a mail, tell me also, where do you came from (Timezone, i.e. I come from Germany GMT +1 in Wintertime and GMT+2 in Summertime) and how experienced you are (Newbie 440sled, Normal 600sled, Expert 800sled). What is your favourite track and if you have more fun racing or a stunts.
For your further information. Feuerpfeil is working to add the game on his Clusterball server and give me a good feedback
So, hopefully we can start over in a short period

Let the good times rise again

Email: messmic1017

So if you are still out there, let Messmic know and show your support over in the xtr forum (http://www.x-teamracing.com/)
If there is enough interest, we may get to play online again..

The Long Wait is Over - New Tracks!!

Posted Feb. 12, 2003 by CorB

Update: Jeff97x had provided some space on his server for all 4 track over at Online Thunder, but unfortunately Jeff site has shut down

DSR (8K)

These are "unofficial" releases so the Daydream online servers will not recognise them. This means you can't play them online, at the present time..

If you come across other links to them let me know and I will add then to this site.

Install: Just extract the file into your \Ski-Doo X-Team Racing\Levels directory.

Note: The Hill climb track's spline/check-points are a little "different". Be warned :)

Have fun ....


Posted Aug. 8, 2002 by CorB

we need more tracks Powder580 and luckyrider600 have setup a Sled / Rider skins page over at Skins Xtreme, check it out. Or even request a skin > SkinsXtreme@hotmail

There is a link in the "Files" section to the sled skins page or click Here

Bosston Takes Race #5 & The Overall Championship

Posted March. 18, 2002 by CorB

Bosston once again proved difficult to beat earning another win plus taking the championship by 23 points. New comer Dowe showed some speed and set two WR and ties for 2nd with 1ACE1. The rest had some inconsistent finishes and could not challenge Boss for the overall.

Race 5
Bosston (1,3,3,3)(1,3)=58pts.
1ACE1 (4,4,1,2)(3,4)=53pts.
Dowe (3,2,4,1)(7,2)=53pts.
CorB (6,1,5,7)(4,1)=48pts.
Micha11 (2,8,2,6)(2,5)=45pts.
Skudooer (dnf,5,7,4)(6,6)=31pts.
Vai_racing (5,7,6,8)(5,8)=28pts.
Beethoven (8,6,8,5)(8,7)=26pts.
Note: 32 records were set or broken in the 6 races
Dowe: Race WR + Lap WR on Widow (3 laps)
CorB: Race WR Widow (5 laps)

Once again thanks to those who could make it and congrats to Bosston..

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