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X-treme Racing League Rules.

General Rules

  1. All participants are to refrain from bad mouthing, finger pointing, and complaining about other racers during race sessions, or on public boards. If you feel you have a legitimate complaint, put it in e-mail form after that nights races are completed an mail it to me. All complaints and/or suggestions will remain confidential.
  2. Everyone should drive in as clean of a manner that is possible. Just because someone is slower than you, doesn't give you the right to run over them.
  3. Remember this is online racing. Lag / warp can cause strange things, so take it easy if you get bumped.
Specific Rules
  1. Short cuts (cutting) will not be permitted on the 2 indoor tracks. Most cuts will be allowed on the rest of the tracks, EXCEPT when it can interferes with another rider.. Some illegal cuts may include jumping fences, large snow covered areas and weaving between trees. "Rounding off" corners is ok. If you are caught using an illegal cut, you will not receive any point for that round (1st offence). This rule may change or be adjusted if the league members disagree with it.
  2. Auto saving each race and taking a screen shot of the final results of the heat might be good in order to settle disputes.
  3. We will race all the tracks once (each night), but you will only receive point for the first 8 races you enter.
  4. The server will be set up at 9:00PM or 11:59AM EST, and it will be first come / first serve. We are limited to 8 places, so if you get there late it may be full. If you leave a race / server you may loose your spot and have to wait till one opens up.
  5. "Full" points are awarded only when 8 racers start the race, 10 points for 1st, 7 pts for 2nd etc.. If ony 4 peole show up, then only 50% of the total points are awarded. example: 5 pts for 1st, 3.5 pts for 2nd, etc.. If we have 6 of a possible 8 people per race, so 6/8 = 75%. So winning got you 7.5 points. Also I am only keeping track (points) of "each racer" first 8 races, so if you so up late and miss a race of 2, you are not penalized.. or something like that..
      1st 10  2nd 7 
      3rd 6   4th 5
      5th 4   6th 3 
      7th 2   8th 1

    Note: These rules could be changed at any time...

    Some of these rules were borrowed from a few MCM2 sites and nitro-racing.com

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